OC Luxury Layaway

Easy to use, and no interest charges. Make as many payments as you need within 30 days. Allows you to buy an item using installment payments with no credit checks.

You will have 30 days to pay the balance and the item will be sent to you after the final payment is complete. 

Before starting a layaway plan with us ensure to email and request all additional questions or photos to before submitting your Layaway request, as once the Layaway is submitted it is considered a final sale. 

Please note that by using the discount code to process this layaway, you agree and are bond to this Layaway agreement.


  1. Start Shopping
    Add your favorite item to your cart and proceed to checkout
  2. Deposit
    Use the discount code given through Instagram at checkout. You will be charged your 40% deposit, and free shipping.
  3. Make Your Payments
    You will contact us when you are ready to make your next payment plan and the frequency of payments. You have 30 days to complete your payments (the remaining 60%)
  4. Receive Your Items
    Your purchase will be automatically shipped once your final payment has been made

Payment Options:
-Shopify: We will send you a personalized link for the next payment amount you would like to make. 


A receipt is sent for every payment you make and a record of all your payments is always available. Just ask us if you cant remember exactly what you still owe. Please note that when requesting a layaway payment plan, all sales are final, and 30% of the deposit is non-refundable.

Please review the bag description and photos carefully before making your layaway purchase. No additional discounts can be applied to a layaway item. All layaways must be paid within 30 days. Any layaways not paid in full upon the expiration of the 30 day period will result in a cancellation of the order and the loss of 30% of your deposits. 


  1. Transaction Fee. In the event that your Layaway is canceled, or in the event that you fail to timely complete payment consistent with The Reserve Terms and Conditions, we will retain thirty percent (30%) of your total purchase price amount (the “Transaction Fee”).